Reaching for the Dream

It is simple:

<b>The American Dream is My Dream Life</b>

Walking on American soil. Waking each morning knowing that the day is mine to seize. It is not something to ponder. It is not something to imagine. It is something I practice every day; it is a way of being. When you ask me, what is the American Dream to you is like asking me what the meaning of your life is. The American Dream is not something you understand by reading about it in a book. You have to live it, truly live it to understand what it really means. Make the most of your life. Like life, you “get it” when you get involved.

When you are planning your move, when you want to understand the American Dream. I personally welcome you to the land of opportunity. Every American who took the leap was feeling the same. You are not alone.

What The American Dream Means to Me?

No mere words could do it justice!

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