Reaching for the Dream

It is simple:

<b>The American Dream is My Dream Life</b>

Walking on American soil. Waking each morning knowing that the day is mine to seize. It is not something to ponder. It is not something to imagine. It is something I practice every day; it is a way of being. When you ask me, what is the American Dream to you is like asking me what the meaning of your life is. The American Dream is not something you understand by reading about it in a book. You have to live it, truly live it to understand what it really means. Make the most of your life. Like life, you “get it” when you get involved.

When you are planning your move, when you want to understand the American Dream. I personally welcome you to the land of opportunity. Every American who took the leap was feeling the same. You are not alone.

What The American Dream Means to Me?

No mere words could do it justice!

A Summary of American Values

What Are The American Values?

OK, so here is a quick list of those values:

  • Freedom of Speech: Speak your mind in public no matter how stupid, without government censorship.
  • Helping Others: We do not help anyone who do not need help, but we as though we are not complete if we are not helping others.
  • Hard Work: You almost have a legal right to work on yourself to become the best you can be.
  • Equality: Everyone is truly equal in the eyes of the law.
  • Opportunity: The way to success is paved; you just need to walk it.
  • Justice: The government is your servant, not the other way round.
  • Capitalism and Competition: You can start your own business, and your business should strive according to how hard you work.
  • Separation of Church and State: Religion is banned from public offices, courts, and governmental affairs.
  • Freedom of Religion: You are free to worship what you want, or do not worship at all.
  • Sacrifice: Soldiers who give their lives are highly valued. Anyone who risk his or her life to save other lives is respected for his or her sacrifice.
  • The Democratic Process: People choose who rule them.

But the most important one:

  • Individual Freedom: Your life is yours; you can be whomever you want to be, do whatever you want, anytime you want. As long, as you do not heart other’s freedom and be responsible. You are the captain of your own destiny.

This last one is the arms and legs!

I am sorry for dancing around the question: What is the meaning of the American Dream to me. If the economics is the skeleton, the values are the flesh, and the freedoms are the limbs. I still did not say what the American Dream is to me.